About Me

Hi! I’m Marcy. Welcome to my blog! I started keeping a blog in like 2003 on Friendster (remember that!?), and quickly became charmed by the idea of telling the internet about insignificant things that I did, observed, or thought about. Aren’t you so glad, Internet??? I grew up in North Carolina but have lived in Los Angeles for a handful of years, pursuing entertainmenty-type things with varying degrees of success, ranging from TV guest star to professional improviser/sketch comedienne to temper tantrums in which I throw myself face down on my bed and wail, “When will it be myyyyy tuuuuuurn????,” and everything in between. I’ve had some interesting day jobs along the way, including travel agent, “local expert,” and toy demonstrator, a job that consisted ENTIRELY of clocking in, playing with a toy, and clocking out. My favorite things are fried okra and men’s arm muscles.

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