A Public Nuisance

Possibly the highlight of my trip to Barcelona was one of the nights Jeff and I went to the absinthe bar.  It’s called Bar Marsella, and apparently Ernest Hemingway used to go there.  It looks like they haven’t changed a thing, it’s so old and cool looking.  We were sitting there drinking absinthe (yes, it was real and no, it did not make us hallucinate) and *enjoying life*, and I noticed a girl sitting at a table nearby.  She was a white girl with long, brown hair, which would have been beautiful except for the fact that she was starting to let it grow into dreadlocks.  Just at the bottom, she had like 4 or 5 dreads, and it was so gross.  I personally have always felt that white people should never, ever, under any circumstances, have dreadlocks, and this girl was no exception.

Later, in the cab on the way home, we were enjoying life, like, a whole lot by now, and once again the subject came up.  We vehemently discussed how they’re disgusting to look at, and who knows what could be living in there?!  Do these people think it looks good, or are they just too lazy to drag a comb through their hair?!  As the conversation continued, I became impassioned.  "They’re a nuisance!" I declared.  "They’re a public nuisance!"

A few minutes later I looked at Jeff and said, "Did I just declare dreadlocks a public nuisance?"

"Yes, you did."

And we laughed all the way home.

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