Peeve Cannonball to you, too!

I got this in my spam folder last week. I was curious to find out more about the peeve cannonball that Rebecca Edwards was so keen on telling me about, but alas, my practical side kicked in, and I deleted it. I thought, “Do I really need a peeve cannonball? No, I have too much clutter as it is. Or… do I want to go peeve cannonballing, if it is a verb? Probably — it’s tempting — but I’m pretty busy this week.”


As for Jacinth Mathisen, I had just run out of lykex VIeAGRA, so it’s good that she emailed when she did.

Luckily, Dionne offers me the chance to be both leaner and slimmer by next week, which is good, because I can’t just be leaner, or slimmer. I must be both.

And it’s always good to hear from my old friend Graves. He was a little mad at me, I think. He always wishes me a happy day, but this time he caught himself, and said, “Do I want to wish Marcy a happy day? Let me think about this for a second. OK, yes, I think I do. I’m not mad anymore. Yes, I’ll go ahead and wish her a happy day.” Oh, Graves. (smiling and shaking my head).

2 Responses to Peeve Cannonball to you, too!

  1. JOK says:

    I am laughing at my desk, uncontrollably

  2. Maggie says:

    i have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. thank you.

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