Joanna is 27!

Yesterday was Joanna’s 27th birthday. She is my oldest friend. Not oldest in age; don’t be ridiculous. Oldest in time I have known her. She and I have literally known each other since before we were born. Or, as much as one fetus can “get to know” another fetus in another uterus. I called her this evening, and she said, “I have high hopes for 27, because 17 was a good year for me, and it ended in 7.” This proves we’ve known each other for our entire lives, because although I haven’t seen her in years and we unfortunately seldom talk anymore, that is the exact thing I said when I was turning 27 in March. The exact thing.

Here is a photo of her 18th birthday. NINE years ago! She’s the one on the right. Oh, and it totally looks like we’re superimposed onto the background, but I promise we’re not! Because if I were going to superimpose us, I think I would put us against something cooler than an off-white wall.
I’ve made an album on my Flickr page of more old photos of Joanna and the good old days. These only date back to Senior year of high school, but our parents have oodles of pictures of us as adorable little kids. Hopefully I’ll get those on this blog at some point. Anyway, to view all the photos, click here.

Happy Birthday, Joanna Banana!

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