Pop Quiz, Hotshot:

You start to step onto the elevator at your office building, but it smells like a giant fart. What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO??????


You’ve just arrived to work and innocently walk into the elevator, when you are assaulted with a stank most foul, an overpowering, dizzying stank. You immediately do a 180 and stand there weighing your options. It’s almost 8 AM, and you don’t have time to walk up the stairs to the 10th floor, and plus you don’t want to start off your day all sweaty from the exercise.

You can’t push the button to call another elevator, because this one is sitting with the doors open, and until it goes up, none of the others will open.

The last thing you would ever do is get IN the elevator and take it upstairs, because a) You’re not sure if you can hold your breath until the 10th floor, and even if you can, this is the type of fart that will probably stick to your clothes and hair and follow you around all day; And b) If someone else gets on the elevator at another floor, they’ll think YOU are the perpetrator!!! So…



In a moment, the fog created by inhaling the toxic fumes clears, and your brilliant instincts return. You hold your breath, rush into the elevator, and push “8,” then run back out. This will get it as far away as possible from you on the ground floor without getting it too close to the 10th floor, because you’re pretty sure the smell would carry up through the elevator shaft and permeate your entire office floor, making your office shut down for the day, thus causing the downfall of the entire company.

Once that elevator is safely headed up to the poor, unsuspecting 8th floor (snicker), you call another elevator, step inside, take a deep breath, and inhale the fresh air of your genius.

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  1. joanna says:

    a genius. truely, you are a genius.

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