Of what, I’m not sure. But just listen to this:

I’ve been wondering just how real or how fake The Hills (the spinoff of Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County) is. When I watched L.B. (religiously) for the last two seasons, I could tell it wasn’t exactly spontaneous, in that the producers would set stuff up, like L.C. would have a party and they would tell Kristin to go, even though she wouldn’t otherwise have gone — that sort of thing. But it did seem like, as they claimed, the “drama [was] real.”

However. After peeing myself with excitement to watch The Hills, I was bitterly disappointed in just how contrived the whole thing seemed. EVERYTHING seemed orchestrated. (For more on my outrage, click here). But then, the more I watched, the more I wasn’t sure. Heidi was really crying, for example, when she broke up with Jordan, and it actually seemed like Jordan was pretty surprised.

BUT: Yesterday I watched the most recent episode on Ti-vo, and Heidi and Audrina were at a cafe outside, having a naturally occuring conversation the camera just happened to pick up on… or were they? One second, there’s nothing on the table. The next second, they have two glasses of water. The next second, they don’t. And so on, and so forth, revealing that the “conversation” was actually done in several takes, and that whoever was in charge of maintaining continuity with the props is probably now unemployed.

Now, I’m not saying this proves the whole thing is entirely scripted. I was actually on a reality show one time that was indeed reality, but due to techical things, sometimes they had to ask us to repeat things we had just said and pretend it was happening all over again, thus doing a “real” scene in several takes, and thus causing the potential for some continuity mishaps.

So I guess what we’ve concluded is: nothing. I am no farther along in solving this mystery. If you have any clues, I’d love to hear them. Meanwhile, I guess I’ll just have to keep watching — for investigational purposes only, of course!

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