So Fun! And Friendly, and Helpful!

I just read Cathryn Michon, Grrl Genius’s blog entry for today about her friend’s organization, Friends & Helpers. Here’s a blurb from Cathryn’s blentry:

So anyway, here’s the deal. In September my boyfriend and I (and apparently a bunch of rock stars) and some other people like us who are NOT rock stars are all going to New Orleans, Louisiana (all costs privately underwritten) to help re-open 12 schools devastated by the hurricane.

Every child in those schools will receive a backpack filled with school supplies, the libraries will get books, the teachers will get supplies, the bands will get instruments…

The fun part is (other than kids getting an education — always fun for society in general), you can send money, supplies, or buy anything off their Target wish list and have it sent directly to Friends & Helpers. I’ve been scrolling through the wish list. It’s so fun to think of buying these things for kids! For example, how cool are the large round stinky stickers and all the bulletin board sets? I can’t decide if I should buy these off or go get them at Office Depot tomorrow and send them myself. I haven’t shopped at Target in about a year and a half, because they made me angry with their shoddy return policy and churlish store managers. I tend to hold a grudge when huge corporations nickel & dime their customers. BUT, I am totally willing to put aside my grudge for this incredible cause. If you are like me and think shopping for kids is fun, I encourage you to order something off the wish list or go to Cathryn’s blog and see how to donate to this excellent cause. Yay!

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  1. wan says:

    Girl, you’re famous all around this year. First, the Church of St. Mel and now Cathryn Michon is writing about your Bladdminton Blentries in her comments section as follows:

    “I’d especially like to give a shout out to Baddminton, who is making my old 80’s shampoo commercial fantasy come true by putting a post on HER blog about this effort. By the way, you should check out her very funny blog at (remember, it’s Grrl Geniusy to promote yourself, feel free to put your websites etc. in the comment section!)

    Posted by The GG on August 18 at 09:17am”

  2. joanna says:

    now marcy, i know you are a terrific humanitarian and all, but you can’t fool me. i know that this is really about missing the good ‘ole school days when we got to get new school supplies every year, isn’t it? :)i know you, lady, and you get just as excited about the smell of a brand new, unbent box of perfectly pointy crayons as i do! :)oh, and lunchboxes… nothing beats a new lunchbox…except maybe a very cool spiral notebook, full of exactly 70 fresh, clean sheets of paper.
    admit it, you just want to shop for school supplies!
    (i don’t blame you) :)

  3. marcyminton says:

    OK, OK, you got me!

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