My Dad is Hilarious!

Here is an excerpt from an IM conversation I had with my dad the other day. But first you have to know 2 things about him. One: He is obsessed with history, to the extent that several of our family vacations in my childhood were “Civil War Vacations,” consisting entirely of traipsing through battlefields and trudging through the homes of various dead generals. Two: Whenever he writes, he loves to put quotation marks around things for no apparent reason.

me: hey dad!

dad: Marcy, Just got back from Isle of Palms. Boated out to Ft.
Sumpter, where Civil War started. Ate at Poogan’s Porch and went on Buggy Ride around Charlston. We did a lot in 4 days.

me: wow, that sounds amazing!

dad: Your mom and I got “burnt” on our 1st beach day. My legs looked like a “red flamingo’s”. When your mom took off her bikini, she looked like she still had it on.

me: hahahahaha

dad: I believe you would have enjoyed the wedding reception. they had a rock band. Carol and Marcia wanted to dance. After 4 glasses of wine, If I’d said yes, the family would have been talking about me for a decade. I’m glad I had wisdom to say Nooooooo.

me: hahahaha, yes, probably a good idea ;) but you never know, you may have wowed them all.

dad: When your mom and I went into Charlston for the wedding, we took the wrong turn off the bridge. We ended up in the “hood” of Charlston. There were some tense moments until we found St. Michaels church. Built in the early 1700’s. George Washington once visited this church. Marcia and Janet couldn’t find the bathroom and went in the church cementary before the service. Each family had their own “enclosed pew”. After the service, bells were rung to announce the marrige.

me: wow, that sounds nice
me: wait, marcia and janet peed in the cemetery?
me: they probably gave a corpse or two a rude awakening

dad: Yes, It was “crazy” just before the ceremony. Also, the cemetary is so old. Rutledge family members are burried there. (signer of constitution) Aunt Grey is afraid any one looking outside nearby office buildings saw them. They claimed they just couldn’t wait.

me: hahaha

By the way, I feel the need to point out that he said I would have enjoyed the reception because they had a “rock band.” Classic.

4 Responses to My Dad is Hilarious!

  1. Amanda says:

    Your dad is such a cutie and the quotations are priceless. I love the oreo comment…so weird how the stars will allign just right sometimes. You know what else is weird: how did our parents get more interesting after we left the house? Is that true for you too? My parents are going to parties and taking trips that they had never done before. Are kids that much of a drag?

  2. marcyminton says:

    Haha, totally! My parents are so much cooler and more fun now that I’m gone! Could just be my perspective… There’s a lot to be said about not living with someone to appreciate them… but nevertheless, they suddenly seem more adorable and charming than they ever were before.

  3. aw feck says:

    Oh man, there are so many hilarious tidbits in this… But I think my favorite has to be that your dad described what your mom looks like naked to you. Aaaaaaagh!

  4. marcyminton says:

    I know, ew!

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