The White Witch of Narnia Should Lose the Dreadlocks, but at Least She Knows Not to Follow Dumb Fashion Rules

So today was Labor Day, and yesterday morning at the grocery store I saw a woman in the parking lot wearing white from head to toe. White top, pants, shoes, bag, everything. It took me a minute to figure it out, but then I suddenly realized she must be wearing every bit of her summer white, sort of as one last hurrah before Labor Day, when it would become frowned upon. What a brilliant maneuver! I wish I had thought of that.

I’ve heard from multiple sources, though, that the white after Labor Day rule is antiquated. That’s good, because I never paid attention to it anyway. Especially in warm climates, it seems dumb to not wear cool white on a sizzling hot day just because it’s after a certain date in September.

I think maybe tomorrow I’ll wear all white to work and see if anyone makes any dumb jokes about it being after Labor Day. Then I’ll teach them a lesson by pointing out that that rule no longer applies. Boy, will they be sorry they messed with me!

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