Y’all, I’m too tired to be funny.

It’s Friday, and the only thing I can think of to blog about is the fact that it’s Friday. I went out last night with some friends after work, and went to bed after 12, so do you think when my supervisor called me at 5:30, over an hour before my usual waking time, while it was still dark outside, to ask me to come to work an hour early, that I was a) thrilled, or b) not thrilled, or c) all of the above.

Answer: b) Not Thrilled.

Interestingly (or, actually, not interestingly, now that I re-read this), I have been less tired than usual this week, and have been going to bed at 12 instead of my usual 11, yet waking up more refreshed. However, I have a feeling my winning streak is over. Today I’m tired, restless and irritable, and am counting the minutes (11!) until I can go to lunch! And I get to eat with my friend Virginia today, who only works on Fridays, which is a big deal, because usually we all have to stagger our lunches, and I go all by myself, every day, day in and day out, all by my lonely little self. So today Virginia and I are going to Chili’s, and I’m going to get some kind of delicious chicken with some tasty side dishes, and I would get a celebratory cocktail, but if I did I would surely fall asleep at my desk after lunch.

Sometimes when I write stuff like that I feel very much like I’m a young adult working in an office. That makes me chuckle to myself. When I got my very first office job a few years ago as a travel agent, I would walk through the office and think, “Haha, I’m in the breakroom! Hahaha!” “Haha, here I am in the mailroom! I’m making copies! Hahaha, I’m using the FedEx machine! Oh, man, this is too much.” I totally felt like the target audience for “Cosmopolitan” magazine, like in those articles they would always write about, like, “How to Avoid Nasty Office Gossip,” or “Which clothes go seamlessly from office to happy hour?” I was all, “That’s me now! Hahaha, What a hoot!”

3 years later, I have to say, a bit of the novelty has worn off, and by “a bit” I mean like 99%, but there are times I still look at myself and have a good chuckle, because I’m just such an f-ing cliche right now. I’m that girl in that movie, the tired one, sitting at her desk counting the minutes! Oh yes, that’s me! Isn’t life a lark! It’s a lark!

And now it’s time for lunch!

2 Responses to Y’all, I’m too tired to be funny.

  1. Ewelina says:

    Hi Marcy, I came to your blog by chance while looking for sth about Lily Allen and actually read the entire thing ;) Sorry for my English which is “hilarious”, I suppose… but I couldn’t restrain and I had to say that I admire your way of describing the world and seemingly ordinary days. Amazing photos from Hawaii reminded me how I need some vacation, Tuscany would be perfect… I’ll be back and perhaps will write sth in my strange Polish-English :) greetings

  2. Brian/Ryan says:

    Hi… saw your reply on the grrl genius blog. Thank you… and I did read it! :)

    (I post on here, cause I’m not sure YOU would read it on the other. Yikes… 130 comments? I was just sending a fan-boy letter to Ms. Michon. Ooch.)

    Oddly enough… as I’ve gotten older… my confidence has improved… but I still don’t approach many people. Sometimes I wonder if I’ve gotten pickier. *shrug*

    As for your writing.. I like it. :) Rock on!

    Take care,

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