My Success Dress

So I have this dress, and I wore it today, and I’m starting to notice that whenever I wear this dress good things happen. Maybe it just looks good on me and makes people like me, thus leading to good things. I don’t know. But I wore it when I was on that game show, “Starface,” and I almost won and acheived my main goal of not making a fool of myself. Also, I wore it to a to a meeting with a new agent the other day, and with only one meeting, they wanted me! Yay! And this morning I wore it when I went to return those shoes I was sad about yesterday, and I tried on a half size bigger, and they felt great and did NOT make my feet look like boats!

THEN, and this kind of creeped me out, but I went into Abercrombie, and there was a girl up on a ladder in the store, and she goes, “Hi!” and I go, “Hi!” and she goes, “OH MY GOSH, YOU’RE SO PREEETTTTYYYYY! OH MY GAHHHHHSHHH!!!! OHHHHHH, WE HAD A CASTING CALL YESTERDAY FOR MAHHHHHHDELS! OHHHHH, YOU SHOULD HAVE COME!!!!” And some dudes walk by and she goes, “ISN’T SHE PRETTTTTYYYYY????? OH MY GOSH, SHE SHOULD HAVE COME TO THAT CASTING CALL!!!” And I look up at the dudes and make a face like, “I didn’t ask for this, I promise! I have no idea what this woman is on.” And as I walked quickly away I could still hear her going, “She’s so preeeeettttyyyyy!”

At first I felt suuuuuuper uncomfortable, but as I browsed I started to feel a smile on my face, and I realized, that crazy girl kind of made my day, along with the shoe thing. I mean, I know I’m not ugly, but it’s not every day a stranger who isn’t trying to sleep with me tells me I’m pretty (and boy, did she tell me). This didn’t prevent me from avoiding her like the plague on my way out, but damn, Success Dress, I’m wearing you more often!

Update: Amanda has made an excellent point in her comment below. So, here it is: The Success Dress visual. By the by, in this photo I’m braless, but since then I’ve managed to rig up a bra situation that both doesn’t show and gives me fantastic cleavage, but you’ll have to use your imagination for that part.


6 Responses to My Success Dress

  1. Ginya says:

    But Marcy, you ARE so PREETTTYYY!!!!!

  2. Amanda says:

    SO, do we get to see you in this dress? I need a visual here.

  3. Amanda says:

    That IS a cute dress and it goes perfect with your skin tones. I see where people are coming from with this. It makes me want to go shopping!

  4. Eric says:

    Too bad it used to be my dress. I only gave it to Marcy because I owed her some money.

  5. Rachel says:

    Marcy, I totally think you’re SOOOOOOO PREEEEEETTTTYYYYY, and I totally don’t want to sleep with you! And also, you need to rent out the success dress.

  6. marcyminton says:

    Hey, I think this is the most comments I’ve gotten on a post! See, the dress even brings me success when it’s in a photograph!

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