Don’t “Fall” for Winter. (What)?

I’m trying to be positive here. The truth is, last year I had a pretty sucky fall & winter. It wasn’t fall or winter’s fault, but the short days and gloom didn’t really help matters. I like the crispness in the air in fall, but not as much as I like warm sunshine. Too many gray days depress me, and I don’t have enough shoes that I can wear with socks. I would say I love the beautiful changing leaves, but in Southern California we have none.

But there’s good stuff about the changing seasons, right? I’m going to try to find some, and list them here. OK, here goes:

I can wear my cute wool winter skirts with my cute black boots and cute sweaters — oh, and scarves.

I can wear my favorite medium-weight corduroy jacket with a furry hood (not real fur, of course. It’s like teddy bear fur).

OK, something that’s not about clothes… Um, OK, this might sound weird, but I like the sound of a football game on TV in the background. It’s somehow comforting.

Shopping for Halloween costumes

Tasty holiday food

Fires in the fireplace (ooh, that was a good one).

Bubble baths (another good one)

Christmas songs, specifically from the Chipmunks Christmas album

Lights and snow at the Grove

Bears are hibernating and do not pose a threat

No cockroaches

I can go hiking, then go shopping afterward without being all sweaty and gross (I know, because I tried it yesterday)!

Hot chocolate with a dollop of butterscotch schnapps (Try it and you will not regret it. But just a dollop, mind you. Otherwise it’s too sweet).

Outdoor jacuzzis — It works best if it’s snowing on your head.

Skiing, or snowboarding if that’s your game

Again, I really can’t say enough about bears sleeping peacefully.

OK, That’s it! Happy Fall, Peeps.

6 Responses to Don’t “Fall” for Winter. (What)?

  1. aw feck says:

    Also, pumpkin spice lattes are back at Starbucks! If you’re into that whole buying-things-from-evil-corporations-who-bring-death-and-destruction-to-independent-businesses thing. Which I’m not, but dammit, I really like the pumpkin spice latte.

  2. Jenn says:

    Autumn is such a better word.
    ‘Autumnal joy’
    There is no dark depression in Autumn, the very word exudes warmth and comfort, you think rustic browns and fiery reds. You don’t need to think of reasons why it’s a great season, you simply say the word. Autumn.
    Now Fall…

  3. BaddMinton,

    As you know, I am an Angeleno too and let me just suggest that as pointless as it may seem, the mere setting of a darn pumpkin on a stoop, or a table will suddenly make yo feel all “fall-ish” or “fall-y” if you prefer.

    BTW, I responded to YOUR wonderful comment on my Jane Austen blog. As you’ll see by what I wrote there I do NOT excuse men for not caring about housework, I ACCEPT that they don’t, and then I manipulate them into doing it.

    Much better, and they actually are fine with it, because I’m thinking like them.

  4. Ginya says:

    Marcy, have you had bear traumas I don’t know about? You seem very happy that the bears are sleeping and not coming to get you…

  5. joanna says:

    asheville. what more can i say? i get homesick every autumn…
    by the way, i’m learning to love the football background noise too. it’s grant’s favorite going-to-sleep “music”. :)

  6. marcyminton says:

    Thanks for all the comments, guys! (if you read this again). I got a pumpkin yesterday!

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