Have You Seen the Ghost of John?

At my elementary school, we used to sing a fantastic Halloween song around this time of year. Don’t you wish we could still do that kind of stuff? I wish a bell would ring at my office at 2pm every day, and we would all go down to “Music,” and sit in wooden desks and on carpet squares, and sing season-specific songs, and if we were really lucky we might get a turn on the glockenspiel, and if we were the luckiest person in the world, we could bang the gong! (By the way, my Elementary school was called Bell School, and our music teacher’s name was Mrs. Bell. So a bell at Bell would ring, signalling time for Mrs. Bell).

Anyway, so then at Christmas in my ideal office environment, we would all take hours a day to go rehearse for the annual Corporate Towers Christmas program. Each company in the building would do one number centered around a theme, which would usually either be “Christmas Around the World” or “Christmas Through the Decades.” Also, we would all participate in one Hanukah song, which might also involve sign language, just to cover our bases.

Then on the week before Valentine’s day, we would all decorate little bags or boxes, write our names on them, and tape them to our desks, and then exchange Valentines and eat goodies! I would probably do Harry Potter Valentines this year.

Alas, something tells me my company does not plan to participate in such activities, but have hope! I remember the words to my favorite elementary school Halloween song, and I will show you the lyrics. If you ask me, I will also sing it for you.

Have you seen the ghost of John?
Long white bones with the skin all gone
Oooooooh, Poor John!
Wouldn’t it be chilly with no skin on!?

2 Responses to Have You Seen the Ghost of John?

  1. joanna says:

    you sing that song better than anybody marcy! especially the “Ooooooh” part. :) i wish i was there to hear you! :) i remember that was the only “bad” song i knew as a very small child…it still gives me the shivers…and makes me kind of glad it never worked out between me and a guy named john…

  2. 1peanut says:

    hahaha, i can’t remember the last time i thought about that song. thank you

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