I may procrastinate, but I care

OK, Californians. The election is Tuesday, and we have a whole nipseyrussell* of propositions to wade through. It’s confusing enough to make a person not want to vote. But please please vote! Because if you don’t, someone else will, and chances are, that person has his or her head up his or her ass. Nathan has posted a list of propositions he has opinions on, and why, and I think his list is informative and well-thought-out.

The tricky thing with many of the propositions on the ballot is, they look like they’re good at first look, but there’s so much more involved that there could be sneaky little bad things in there as well. Also, many of them are bonds, meaning the state is borrowing money from taxpayers, causing the state to be in further debt. It’s the way the government does business, and it’s bad business if you ask me — just plain illogical — but that’s another blentry for another time. Meanwhile, let’s focus on this adorable little election coming up on Tuesday, and let’s vote our little hearts out.

Whether or not you have time to read all the propositions, I encourage you read this post of Nathan’s, at least as a basis for your own research.

*That’s Ellen DeGeneres’s term, BTW, although I wish it were mine, and of course, some credit is due to Nipsey Russell‘s parents for coming up with such a brilliant name.

2 Responses to I may procrastinate, but I care

  1. Rachel says:

    Hey Marcy,

    I thought you might enjoy Dave Winer’s latest post: http://www.scripting.com/2006/11/06.html#whyWeFight.

    “Even so, we should vote Democratic, because it’s the clearest protest vote we have.”

    It’s pretty dead-on. And a BIG echo to your call for voting action!!!

  2. 1peanut says:

    Hey Marcy. Thank you for your get well wishes. I’m feeling much better already. hope you have a good day :)

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