It’s Thursday Again. Last Week We Had One of These, Too.

I have a chest cold. So does everyone in my whole office. I’m coughing up gross green stuff.

I bought a cannister of chai tea on my lunch break, but it tastes like ass. Below is an IM conversation about it:

me: ugh, i just got a big cannister of chai from TJs and it tastes like ass
co-worker: ass chai?
me: yes, i thought it was vanilla but i guess it was ass
co-worker: damn, i always get those confused
me: me too


I woke up with a crink in my neck, and it’s still there. It’s so hard to drive with one of those going on, because you have to swivel your whole body to check your blind spot before merging. My morning commute is packed full of well-strategized merges, after careful study to determine which lane is fastest per every 20-meter stretch of road. But my rhythm was all off this morning because of the neck thing, and I got caught in the slow lane for a handful 20-meter chunks.


On my lunch break after I bought the ass chai at the market (I’ve always said “grocery store,” but “market” sounds more friendly to me, so I officially change my vocabulary, starting NOW), I went to the bookstore (OK, Barnes & Noble, but “the bookstore” sounds more cute and local, so let’s pretend).

Two things we need to discuss here. #1: Do you know how many Chicken Soup for the Soul books there are? Like a hundred million billion. There’s a Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover’s Soul, a Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul, and even… a Chicken Soup for the Cat and Dog Lover’s Soul. Because you don’t just love cats or just love dogs, you love both, and your soul needs some very, very specific chicken soup. My favorite, though, is the one called Chicken Soup for the Scrapbooker’s Soul. I am not making this up. Since when does someone who makes scrapbooks need inspirational quotes about… making scrapbooks? I think if someone’s main sense of identity is that of a “scrapbooker,” well… their soul is gonna need a lot more than chicken soup.

#2: How did the Sedarises get all the funny in the USA? They are all SO Funny! I’ve always been a giant fan of David’s writing and Amy’s acting, and today in the cute family-run bookstore (we’re playing pretend, remember?) I saw a big, purty hardcover book Amy wrote called I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence. Just flipping through and looking at the pictures of her made me laugh aloud.


Yesterday a butterfly was chasing another butterfly outside my window at work. I work on the 10th floor, so it was kind of weird that they were up so high. I think they were playing a mating game. Maybe they flew up that high to try and get some privacy from the other butterfles. I guess they don’t mind if humans watch.

Speaking of my office window, sometimes a bird comes and sits on the windowsill and chirps to get my attention. And the minute I go, “Awwww, looook, Hi, Birdie!” he poops and flies away.


And Finally, Go Democrats! Go Britney! I think of the nation as a big ship that hit something and got jostled over kind of on its side, and all the furniture and people went skittering over all out of whack, but now, with the Dems taking over congress and Britney dumping K-Fed and washing her hair, the ship has popped back upright, and all the crew are dusting themselves off and returning the furniture back to where it goes, and the passengers are headed back to the bar for another cocktail, because whew, we thought the boat was sinking there for a while, and we’re still a little shaken, but it looks like the captain finally sobered up and we’re all going to be OK.

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