Spam Wednesday

It may only be Wednesday, but who says it can’t be a




Ah, man, it’s good to hear from my old friend Numbers P. Burrell. I haven’t seen Numbers in a while — his wife just had a baby. If you don’t know him, I should totally introduce you — You’ll love him. That’s actually a picture of him above. He sure does love those sandwiches. Ah, Numbers. We’ll have to catch up soon.

Wow, Judith, that’s pretty harsh. I admit I tried a new mayonnaise brand recently, but it was pretty terrible and I switched back to Best Foods. I mean, I understand about brand loyalty and all that, but war criminal? Think about what you’re saying.

Uh… yeah, Arrogant, um, sure. AJAX. Right up there with advanced computer systems, satellites, and space stations.
I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that one of those shortcomings you talk about is that AJAX is, well… NOT a powerful new technology. With all this considered, I’m not sure what exactly you have to be arrogant about.

Thanks for the enthusiastic offer and for giving me your digits, Brendan, but getting a diploma from a university that can’t spell may be more of a “hassel” than you think.

Bring it on, es9s. Bring it on.

Update: I’ve been told that Ajax is a computer thing and actually is a powerful new technology, and not just something with which to clean your sink.  Well, fine, but it’s funnier if you don’t know that.

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