Linkies, not Minkies

When I was little my mom had a big cedar chest with many treasures inside. Many treasures, but the best by far were two mink stoles. And thinking about that now, I am horrified, but I LOVED them and called them minkies, and would beg her to take them out and let me wear them. There was a white one and a brown one. And they had little heads and little faces, real mink faces with fake little beady eyes, much like this one:


And you could clip their mouths to their tails to hold them around your shoulders. Yes, sir, super creepy, but I didn’t really get the whole concept of where fur comes from. I just thought they were cute little pets. Cute little dead pets. He is kind of cute, you have to admit. And, dead.

Well, that was a totally random story, and the only reason I mention it is because I had already decided to do a blentry with a bunch of my favorite links, and I wrote “linkies,” which led me to remember the minkies, and there you go.

So: Unlike the minks, these links were not killed and clipped mouth-to-tail for creepy ladies’ fashion. These are simply links I’ve bookmarked over the last few months that I think are neat: Because sometimes people who work in offices get bored. Really, really bored. And sometimes those people become so efficient at getting stuff done, including wasting time, that they blow their wad right off the bat, so to speak, and have nothing left to amuse themselves, and the day has just begun. As evidence of such problem, refer to this IM conversation between a coworker and me (myself?) yesterday:

[12:25] Me: btw, i’ve become so efficient at wasting time that even though i have done several releases today and have only been here for 4.5 hours, i have already posted a blentry, checked all my email, both work and personal, researched and made a handwritten list of various makeup items i must try on at Sephora, have read all my usual blogs, and have visited every sight on the internet.

[12:26] Co-worker: HAHAHAHAH

So: To combat such boredom, I present to you: The links!

The Brick Testament
Art Pad
Ian’s Shoelace Site
Anamorphic Drawings by Julian Beaver
Unusual Hotels of the World
Paper Cut
One Sentence
The Simple Dollar – Free Open Source Software

OK, I think this is enough for today. I still have more up my sleeve (or clinging lifelessly around my shoulders, if you will), so get excited.

Happy Friday, My Little Minks!

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  1. Martin B says:

    If you like Julian Beever you’ll probably enjoy Kurt Wenner too:

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