I had a store credit at Bloomingdales for a super fun amount, and I went there yesterday to try to spend it. I never usually shop at Bloomie’s, and at first I couldn’t find anything that I loved. I tried on tons of stuff, and the more I tried on, the less I could tell what I liked. I ended up getting a $96 hoodie — yes, a sweatshirt hoodie, which I already have tons of — but I kind of fell in love with it. I also got some makeup and put a cute dress on hold. Well… I left the mall and went home, and started thinking I should go back and get the dress, so I went back a few hours later. But on my way to where the dress was, I decided to try on some jeans. And I had just recently been thinking to myself, “I don’t care if I buy cheap jeans, because the really expensive ones aren’t that much better anyway.” Well. I pulled out three pairs of Sevens and one pair of Joe’s jeans, and I am telling you, every single one made my butt look SMOKIN’ AWESOME. Better than it has ever looked, ever. I narrowed it down to two: One pair of Sevens and the Joe’s Jeans, and put them on hold. But the problem is, if I keep the hoodie and the makeup, AND get a pair of jeans, I will exceed my store credit and will spend $100 of my own money, which I absolutely should not do right now. And won’t. I won’t! I won’t do it. I will choose. I can make this decision.

But I can’t stop picturing myself wearing the jeans WITH the hoodie. They would look so cute together!

I’m realizing something that I’ve really always known, but if I had doubts they’ve been extinguished. With very few exceptions, there is a direct ratio between cute and expensive. The cuter something is, the more outrageously expensive it is. It doesn’t always work the other way, because I’ve seen some butt-ugly expensive stuff. However, the fact remains: If I had boundless stores of money, I would look positively darling, every single day of my life, even at the grocery store!

Temptation. This is why it’s best for me to just not go shopping. If I never look at expensive clothes, I won’t feel that I need the expensive clothes.

Or maybe I can pick up some freelancing work.


What do you people do? Do you face this beast of desire? Someone tell me how to kill it!

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  1. Amanda says:

    It’s a beauty of a beast I tell ya. I, too, recently wrestled with the monster. I had only a little to spend and was looking for a pair of jeans to replace my favorite pair so I needed them to be really awesome. So, I went and bought a pair that were originally 80 but marked wayyyyyy dowmn. I took them home, cut the tags off them and put them on. They didn’t make me feel all the great and Wil didn’t seem to like them as much as my others so I took them back and headed to the expensive section of Belk’s. I found a pair, not on sale, and out them on and they were the best things ever so I bought them. WHich brings me to how I kill the monster……I did buy the expensive jeans and I am very satisfied with my purchase. Sitting next to those jeans were cuter then cute shirts that would have made me look great. Instead of buying those shirts, I went to the sales rack and actually founf a BCBG shirt on sale for 2.99! So I got one thing I really wanted and found someone pretty darn cool for cheaper. Wow, this is a long comment…but anywho…..treat yourself to thing you’ll wear more and need most and then, if you really want a top to go with the jeans, get a less expensive, almost as good alternative. The jeans will mask the aura of regret for not buying that hoodie. Whew!

  2. wan says:

    I recommend not trying on the hoodie at the same time as the jeans (i.e. making it harder to return one or the other). I would say return the hoodie because the perfect pair of jeans can be the holy grail to any woman.

  3. marcyminton says:

    Y’all are geniuses, and I am taking your advice. Hoodie schmoodie.

  4. Eric says:

    I can’t really offer any advice, the last time I tried to resist temptation, I walked out of a motorcycle dealership as the owner of a brand new motorcycle.

    Good idea? No.

    Bad idea? No.

    It evens out.

  5. Heather says:

    If you got either of the jeans, I hope you got the sevens as opposed to the joe’s….. my experience is that joe’s stretch out to 5x their original size. now they are my “eating” jeans….. i hope i’m not too late!

  6. marcyminton says:

    Not too late! I was going to go tonight and get the Joe’s. Now I will rethink my plan. Phew – Thanks!

  7. jenn says:

    Think about where they were made, and by those poor orphan children. If the guilt doesn’t have you shelving them in favour of enhancing your butt you’re a lost cause anyway.

  8. marcyminton says:

    Wait, Jenn, are you saying Joe’s jeans in particular are made by orphans, or most jeans in general?

  9. jenn says:

    Not all jeans, obviously. But you want to shop ethically. think less about the butt and know – Velvet, three dot, Joe’s Jeans; all designed for ladies with protruding bellies.
    Not sayin’ you’re ain’t concious or anything.

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