Really Gunning for a Raise

So I was just in a meeting for like 25 minutes in which one other person and I were sitting directly across a table from my boss, and after about 15 of those minutes, I looked down to realize the top FOUR buttons of my shirt were undone, giving any onlooker an unrestricted view of my bra and cleavage. I hastily buttoned them, and then suddenly had the urge to laugh because there is no way my boss didn’t just see what happened, and I sat there trying to wipe the embarrassed smirk off my face and appear as though I were paying total attention to what we were talking about. I tried using things I learned in my college acting classes, like focusing on something concrete in front of me, like the writing on my water bottle, my hands, the table, the thumb tack I had been playing with — but the harder I tried the harder it got and the more smirky I became. It’s just classic, is all.

2 Responses to Really Gunning for a Raise

  1. wan says:

    i have a couple of button down shirts that have the boob button that always comes undone. unless i am trying to get out of a traffic ticket, i use double stick tape to keep the girls indoors.

  2. Nathan says:

    I have pants that come unzipped whenever I put my hand in my pocket. I use it as a party trick.

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