And Tigger, Too

One thing I don’t understand, and you don’t see it much in L.A., but I feel like in North Carolina it was/is an epidemic: Why do some pregnant women or women with small children start dressing like small children? Why do they wear Winnie-the-Pooh shirts? I want to say to them, just in case it is unclear, “Ma’am, you are having a baby. You’re not becoming one.”

Winnie the Pooh shirts in adult sizes should not exist. And that goes for Eyeore, Piglet, and any of Pooh’s other friends from the Hundred-Acre Wood, including Christopher Robin; and while we’re at it, what is some adults’ reasoning behind owning Tweety Bird car accessories? Really, now, people.

Ladies, do us all a favor and don’t dress like your babies. It’s embarrassing! It makes me embarrassed for the human race. If aliens came down to observe and probe us and whatnot I would feel the need to apologize for all of you. “It’s the hormones, Sir, we Earthlings give birth to live young, and sometimes it affects people’s brains and makes them do crazy, crazy things like wear pastel shirts with yellow bears frolicking about on the front.”

And the alien would probably say, “Znarf zoot eeep bleep nippy nippy Winnie the Pooh zorf dorf,” which in alien language is, “Well, all these other mammals give birth to live young, and I don’t see them wearing Winnie the Pooh Shirts,” and I would have to just shake my head and shrug, sitcom style, because really, I can’t come up with any other excuses for it.

4 Responses to And Tigger, Too

  1. Annie says:

    Ahh BaddMinton, you have hit the nail on the head again this time. And I must confess after reading of your sitcom style shrug shake, I did one of my own.

  2. 1peanut says:

    when I was pregnant my sister in law gave me some of her maternity shirts. They had gingham and hearts and… and… shit like country bears on them. I gave them back. Like my morning sickness wasn’t enough to make me puke.

  3. joanna says:

    i had a friend in college who really loved wearing adult-sized pooh clothing…fortunately for her, having children to dress up in pooh things seems to have made her style mature. i haven’t seen the favorite eyeore sweatshirt in years! :)

  4. NGG says:

    As far as I figure, if you have a fixation with cartoon characters, that’s why the Disney store also sells mugs, as well as sweatshirts (and my Mum has about 4 of them, thanks to my sister & I thinking the Disney Store was the coolest place ever to buy presents when we were in our preteens).

    Whenever I wind up pregant, I will be wearing businessy/grown-up clothes still.

    Because, if I don’t, someone will take me for a pregant 13 year old.

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