Holy Hot Nerd, Batgrrl!

Grrl Genius Cathryn Michon is a proponate proponent* of the hot nerd — which is pretty much what it sounds like — a man who is both sexy and kinda nerdy, as opposed to the bad boys many women tend to fall for. Well… I’ll jump on that bandwagon, because as someone who is a pretty big nerd myself and also rather dorky-chic, I appreciate those same characteristics in the opposite sex. Mind you, I’m not going to get all hot and bothered over someone who sits at home all day and night working on some type of electronical prototype for something (unless it is a robot to do my bidding), but I do appreciate a man with a healthy dose of intelligence. And a killer smile. And now? I know where to find them.

My laptop battery was sick last Friday, so I went to the Apple Store, not even considering that the guy at the genius bar who would be very, very helpful would also be adorable with sparkly eyes. I had not even considered it! But he was totally adorable. Possibly not my exact type, but it still made for a delightful genius bar experience — and the fact that his uniform t-shirt said “genius” on the front didn’t hurt, either. Hypothetically, if I wore one of those shirts every day, do you reckon it would help or hurt my dating life? Don’t answer that.

Anyway, so after my pleasant experience at the genius bar, my now happy, healthy laptop and I went downstairs to browse. As I was scanning the various iPod accessories, someone approached me and asked if I needed help. Well, I always say no when people ask me that, because I am stubborn and prefer to find things on my own — but as the “no” was coming out of my mouth, all slo-mo style like Annakin/Lord Vader’s cry of agony in Star Wars Episode III (see? nerd!) except instead of agony it was more like, “Nah, I’m fine, thanks,” I glanced up and realized that he was the hottest nerd in the whole place. Suddenly I really wished I needed help with something, and as he walked away, I realized I did need help, because I wasn’t finding what I was looking for, but by then he was across the store and I was forced to seek assistance from a nerd that was far, far from being hot. D’oh! At least now I know where they hide — and frankly, why am I telling you this? I should keep this little secret to myself! Next weekend instead of going to bars I want to get dressed up cute and go to all the Apple stores in town. And maybe the weekend after that I’ll be on a date with my brand new hot nerd!

*After publishing this, I realize I must not be nerdy enough to ever win a spelling bee!

5 Responses to Holy Hot Nerd, Batgrrl!

  1. ukyankee says:

    Great post! My ‘hot nerd’ is into computers though he also plays sports and is a cutie pie to boot. Hope you find YOUR hot nerd!

  2. Hilarious and beyond geniusy!

    Go Baddminton!

    Cathryn Michon (Grrl Genius)

  3. 1peanut says:

    wheeeeeee…uncharted territory.

  4. Amanda says:

    From one nerd to another, starwars stamps go on sale on May 25th. Sweet.

  5. Eric says:

    Attention single ladies. I am hot nerd. My brainpower sucks the energy from local powerstations.

    I am employed, and shower on a regular basis.

    You can reach me through Marcy.


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