Agatha Christie? Care to Take a Stab?

So… The toilet paper at work never runs out. This is a good thing on one level, for obvious reasons… but I can’t help wondering what happens to the almost-empty rolls. Do they throw them away? That would be mighty wasteful. Or do the janitors take them home to their families? Are there a bunch of cute little Latino kids using scratchy office toilet paper that is never fuller than 1/8 of a roll? I wonder these things.

I tried to confirm my theory by peeking into the janitor’s cart when I walked by just now, but I saw no evidence of auxiliary TP stashed in any sort of “take home” pile.

Your theories are welcome.

2 Responses to Agatha Christie? Care to Take a Stab?

  1. Eric says:

    Never question unending supplies of toilet paper.

    Just accept it, and enjoy it.

    When people start asking questions…bad things happen.

  2. Nathan says:

    It may have something to do with the Guinness World Record people examining my neighbors “largest collection of 1/8 of a roll of toilet paper rolls”.
    Less impressive is my other neighbor’s attempting to beat the “world’s largest collection of telephones missing the 2 button” (the current record is 3 because really, why would you collect something like that?).

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