Procrastination Station

Wow! I beat myself at my own game. I wrote this when I was packing for Mexico (a.k.a. happier times) and never published it. Please somebody give me a (large monetary) prize for winning the championship of starting things and not finishing them:


If there’s one thing I do well; maybe better than anyone I know, it’s procrastinate. The very best time to blog is when I should be doing something else; and the very best thing to put off doing is packing for a vacation.

I’ve been asking around to find out how long it takes my friends to pack for the average 5-day trip, and the answers some people give me make my jaw hit the floor. 1 hour? 45 minutes? 30 minutes? 20 minutes??? It takes me hours! And now I think I may know why…

My packing tonight has gone as follows:

5:30 pm: return home from work. Decide to start packing immediately and get it out of the way. Go get a First Aid kit out of the linen closet and become highly fascinated with it, doing a thorough inventory of what’s inside and reading all of the instructions on how and when to use each item. Toss it in suitcase. Get distracted, amble around aimlessly, and chat with roommate about her date last night.

6:26 pm: Decide I’m going to buckle down and pack and be done by 7:26 on the dot. Have several productive minutes of pouring face wash and moisturizer into smaller bottles. Get some sunscreen from beach bag and toss bottle on bathroom floor, thinking I should wipe the sand off. Remember I need a new camera battery. Store closes at 7, and it is now 6:40, so I go to the camera store and get a battery.

7:05-ish: Return home and make no effort whatsoever to pack. Test out camera battery, notice there are pictures I need to upload; upload pictures and look at all of them on computer. Start surfing web. Hit up MySpace.

7:20-ish: Decide now would be an ideal time to write a blentry.

And here we are.


I never finished this because I guess I eventually decided to finish packing. I did, after all, fill my suitcase with stuff and take it to Mexico and have a lovely vacation, so I must consider the evening at least a moderate success. And I can tell you with certainty that if you told me you had a plane ticket for me to go just about anywhere, I’d be home, packed, and back to the airport within the hour.

4 Responses to Procrastination Station

  1. JayT says:

    I started “packing” for my trip home on Sunday. It has taken me 2 nights to wash a single load of laundry which is still currently in the dryer. And I don’t plan on picking up the pace at all. I’ll be jamming my stuff into a suitcase around 5 am right before I leave for the airport.

  2. wan says:

    I could give you a ride for your procrastinating money. I’ll tell you all about my procrastinating abilities at a later date… probably only if both of our lives depend on it. Now I’ve got to go unpack my honeymoon suitcase.

  3. My problem is unpacking. Example– I am still partially packed from the trip to mexico.
    Unpacking means the vacay is over. So, technically I am still on vacation.

  4. Jackie says:

    I might have you beat-I have to be out of my apartment in….11 hours and 12 minutes…and I haven’t packed a single thing. When I mean out, I mean I am moving tomorrow. Instead I have been reading this entire blog…from way back in ’05. I’m tellin ya, it is interesting stuff. Especially when one is procrastinating.

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