Oooh, My First Catty Comment!

The other day I blogged about fertility drugs, something I do not and did not pretend to be an expert on, and today I saw that I have received my first catty comment from a stranger!  Someone named "Mon."  I think this shows that I have arrived, so to speak, in the blogosphere.  Score!

It is strange and unsettling, although a little exciting, to offend people.  When you're expected to go with the flow, not push buttons, and not ruffle feathers, as I think most American women are, it's a rather new experience to make people mad, specifically strangers.  It certainly wasn't my intention, but I guess you can't really write about stuff people are sensitive about without causing some negative reaction. 

Here is what Mon said:

Well lets hope that you are lucky enough that you will not have to resort to IVF or fertility drug treatment. I love the fact that your main preoccupation is on the the state of the woman’s belly rather than on the welfare of the kids.  

So: Aside from general crankiness and being a know-it-all, Mon is upset because I focused on the cosmetic issues (read: front butt) of having tons of babies at once rather than the issue of the babies' health.  Mon does an interesting thing here: Mon contradicts Monself in a way.  First, Mon is upset that I've said I don't think fertility treatments are always the answer.  (And note: I didn't say no one should ever consider fertility treatments, just that this couple maybe should have been more careful and/or been happy with the twins they already had).  I found a great article about problems with fertility drugs / in vitro fertilization here.  So anyway, first Mon gets mad at the point I'm making.  Then, Mon actually helps further my position by pointing out that having busloads of children in one sitting raises a lot of health issues not only for the mother but also for the children.  Thanks, Mon, for supporting my point of view.  And yes, it would suck to give birth to a litter of retarded children with missing fingers, but I thought discussing that would be a bit of a buzz kill. 

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