…Or Getting Caught in the Rain

The new soap in the bathroom at work smells like bad piña coladas, like the kind made with malibu rum and a pre-made mix. Incidentally, I’ve often thought bad piña coladas taste like soap.


I think so.

3 Responses to …Or Getting Caught in the Rain

  1. Eric says:

    If you drizzle the soap into your mouth will you get a buzz?

  2. marcyminton says:

    Good question! I’ll try next time I go to the bathroom.

  3. Jay says:

    The short answer is no. Having grown up with a potty mouth I became immune to soap-taste in all forms. Using mind over matter techniques I would envision the Irish Spring to be peppermint flavored. This technique allowed me to drink a small cup of the bathroom soap which I promptly threw up. Also I might add that soap doesn’t “drizzle.” It clearly “dibbles.”

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