Awkward White Twelve-Year-Olds and Your Old Magazines

In 6th grade, our teacher Mrs. Harter had us, as a class, write a rap — yes, a rap — about taking care of the earth. We called it the Pollution Rap, and we spent, I don’t know, like an hour a day for at least a week working on this thing. Some highlights that I remember include these golden nuggets:

“Oil spills and landfills give you chills

when you think of all the things it kills.”


“Air conditioners and aerosol sprays

are ruining the ozone and letting in the rays.”

and of course we had the requisite “Reduce it! Re-use it! Just don’t abuse it!” chorus, with Kenji Lunsford beatboxing in the background.

Mrs. Harter loved it and wanted to call up the local news station to put us on the news. Of course we were mortified at the idea, and hugely relieved when that never happened.

In any case, though, in the same way that DARE might have worked for me, because I never got into drugs, maybe this pollution rap had some sort of permanent effect on my priorities. I care about the Earth a lot, y’all! And I want to do whatever I can to help a sista out. Unfortunately I’ve been going about my business with not enough information. For example, the whole time I’ve lived in LA I’ve been wondering what to put in my recycling bin. Plastics coded #1 and 2 only? Aluminum foil? Stray cats? I’ve heard various information from various sources about what the city will recycle, and rather than finding out for sure, I just sort of guessed. But just now I remembered to look it up… after 5.5 years… and I found these helpful links, which I shall now share with you! It turns out we can recycle a lot more than I thought. Yay!

I’ve included links to recycling guides for LA, We-Ho, and Santa Monica. I found this by Googling “recycling los angeles,” so if you insert your city, I imagine you’ll find something similar.

Los Angeles
West Hollywood
Santa Monica – single family houses
Santa Monica – multiple family buildings

Happy recycling to you, and, um… just say no to drugs.

2 Responses to Awkward White Twelve-Year-Olds and Your Old Magazines

  1. Amanda says:

    “Recycle, Reuse it, just don’t abuse it. This is our world and we don’t want to lose it. Huh!” end with arms folded in front like Vanilla Ice. I was literally just thinking about this very thing a week ago and the only part I could remember was the ending so thanks for those little gems from the middle. I too wonder if this has some sort of lasting affect on my psyche. I think it has because with all the political stuff going down and the obvious state of our environment, the song has come back up in our thoughts. I got in a major disagreement with a person here because they said that global warming is a myth and not reality. Umm…..seriously? Unfortunately, I have no data or smarts to argue my point so I simply said that I disagreed. Same thing with politics. I believe in it but can’t fight for it.

  2. marcyminton says:

    Aaaahhh, I forgot the “This is our world and we don’t want to lose it” part. It’s actually kind of cute! Awww. Little 6th graders. Weren’t we precious?

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