I Did It!

I upgraded to WordPress 2.9, and it actually seems to be working ok! Now to find some fun new themes, and actually write more often. Yay!

Update: I swear my Archives tab was working fine, or maybe I just imagined that, because now it’s not. But I’m still proud of myself for figuring out the upgrade. And how do y’all like this new theme? I like it for now. Can you tell that I like turquoise and red/orange together? How can you tell?

One Response to I Did It!

  1. Amanda says:

    I really like the new format you have going on here. I wouldn’t even know where to begin if I decided to upgarde to WordPress 2.9…..I really wouldn’t. Maybe you could tell me? :) Anyways, Sylus had bladder stones and had to get them removed. It was a nasty mess of an ordeal but he is doing much better now. I am jealous of you and your Asheville snow….very jealous because somewhere deep inside, I feel that I should be in WNC right now. I am okay that I am not there but this snow thing is putting a wrench in my spirits. Enjoy it for me (if your mom ever remembers to get you some boots.)

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