More on Trash Cat Woman

Can we talk about how in England, they apparently call the big trash can on the street a “wheelie bin“? Brits are so precious.

Here is a picture of Trash Cat Woman being escorted into a police car. I think we all know, however, that the real story here is the ridiculous getup those cops are wearing. WTF???

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  1. joanna says:

    oh my GOODNESS!! this is hilarious! yes, the “wheelie bin”, yes, the funny caps and neon vests, yes to the cat in the can! i mean, it would certainly be tragic if the cat got gobbled up by a trash truck or something, but since that didn’t happen i feel no compunction at laughing heartily at the whole thing. how random and bizarre! those brits! :)

  2. joanna says:

    and YES. pushing someone off a mountain would be much, much worse. i mean, you can always take a cat out of a can. you can’t undo a free fall.

  3. Those are the newer better car friendly hats! They used to be big and tall with a crest on the front and a strap under the chin but the bobbies kept knocking them off when they got into their car…

    And as for wheelie bins – well – it’s a bin, it’s got wheels on it… I don’t see the strangeness… On a separate thought I think cat trash woman could use a makeover. That hair is just calling out to be dyed neutral brown with blondey highlights!

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