Insurance Rant

Hi! I’m mad, so I’m going to rant about it on my blog. I just found out that my claim for a basic, yearly lady visit to the OB-GYN was denied by my health insurance plan (American Heritage Life Insurance Company, part of Allstate Worksplace Division). Sure this was a mistake, I called them, only to be told that they don’t cover preventive care. No, they’d rather that I never go to the gynecologist, get cervical cancer, and then ask them to pay to get that fixed. That is what seems logical to them.

I am paying $160 every month out of my own shallow little pocket for health insurance that gives me next to no coverage for anything. And there are groups of politicians who are trying to repeal Obama’s healthcare reform, which isn’t nearly as perfect as it could have been, but it’s still a giant step in the right direction, and in many ways, it’s holding insurance companies responsible for their behavior. Anyway, if you are one of these people, I urge you to come and tell me to my face that you want me to have to continue to pay out the nose for nothing in exchange, and that you’d rather have me get cancer than have “big government” in your business. Yeah, because, um… big, evil, greedy business is so much better. Insurance companies don’t give a flying f**k about you or me, and yet they have all the power.

So better yet, if you don’t want health-insurance reform, why don’t I send you my $260 doctor’s bill?

On a lighter, yet related, note, watch my friend Jonathan’s video, which is one of my favorites ever.

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  1. Rachel Morse says:

    Hi! Marcy! I don’t know if Jeremy ever tells you, but periodically I read your blog and tell him I think you’re so hilarious and delightful and make him promise to tell you that I said so and maybe he does and maybe he doesn’t but anyway…

    I have to tell you that when I was living in LA, right before I quit my job and lost insurance I went to all my doctors for checkups, etc. The same thing happened to me – my insurer refused to cover a physical on the grounds that the plan didn’t cover preventative care (so f*%&ing stupid. I’ve only ever heard of that happening in California. I wonder if it happens anywhere else?) Anyway, then I got a bill for $400.

    Enraged, I did what any reasonable 23 year old would do. I ignored it. I ignored it for like 3 years. Just put the monthly statements in a shoe box under my desk and moved to Massachusetts. Anyway, around the time I applied to law school, I figured I should clean up any messes like unpaid bills, parking tickets, etc. and I called my now-estranged doctor’s office. And they told me my account was mostly settled and I only owed like $9! So I paid the $9. I’m not sure what it was even for… maybe reimbursing them for postage for hounding me all those years. Anyway, (and this is in no way legal advice) I wanted to let you know that if you ignore it, it might go away!

  2. marcyminton says:

    hahaha, I love this advice! This actually worked for me with a parking ticket, and thus far, I have been ignoring this problem, too, in hopes that I’ll have the same kind of luck. Also, thank you so much for the kind words and for reading my blog! I’m pretty sure you’re like one of three people who still reads it. :)

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