Y’all, I wanted to make a point to write in this blog more in 2011, and so far I’m not doing so great. I have a barrellfull of half-written blentries, and I start out with the most lighthearted of intentions, but then they end up being so serious. Gross! Who wants to read that!? I’m thinking of starting a new blog called, “Marcy’s Super-Serious Blog,” or something like that, because all of a sudden I’ve got all these big-time serious topics I want to discuss with the internet. And if I tuck them away somewhere on their own, maybe people who like reading serious stuff will find them and read them, but you won’t be subjected to the whole ordeal, because, booooring! But meanwhile, I had wanted to continue writing here about dumb stuff I do, ridiculous things I observe, and creative new ways I procrastinate. But I guess fewer of those things have been inspiring me lately.

Although I will say (in non-serious news), I’ve recently started watching TV again after about a year off, and of course, the first thing that sucked me in was The Bachelor (dang it!). I’ve seen two episodes, and I’ve seen Brad smile a total of ONE time. ONE time. He’ll even say things like, “Hearing you say that makes me so happy,” while sitting there looking like someone just died. I have no idea what those women see in him. He hasn’t said one single thing that was funny, relaxed, or that didn’t sound like he was trying to recite it from a memorized script. In fact, I’d say he’s just about the awkwardest thing I’ve seen all year. And wasn’t he already on the Bachelor once before? He should be comfortable with the cameras by now, so I think it’s pretty safe to say he simply lacks any kind of a personality. Well, anyway, despite all that I’m hooked, and we don’t even have TiVo anymore, so not only do I watch the show, but I watch all of those horrific Hometown Buffet commercials that go along with it.

And I wonder why I’m uninspired.

I guess you could call that a smile... in the same way you could call a horse a tractor. An awkward, uncomfortable tractor.

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