I’m a Fool for Yule

I knew there was a reason I was already starting to get excited for next Christmas. Yes, I realize it’s only March, but that means that Christmas season is a mere eight months away, and GUESS WHAT???


It’s a Yule Ball at this amazing place, Whimsic Alley, right in the very heart of Los Angeles! And it combines two of my most favoritist things in the whole wide world: Harry Potter and Christmas!!!!!!! Whimsic Alley was brought to my attention by my lovely new friend Andrea, the amazing genius who was behind this

(that’s her on the right)

and this

and quite frankly, her attention to detail when executing anything involving a theme or a costume has me wondering where she has been all my life.

I am expecting with unadulterated hope that there will be another Yule Ball in 2011. I have no idea how this year’s managed to slip under my radar. But listen to this, witches and wizards: Full dinner. Open bar. Enchanted ceiling. Dance. Performance by a band called Wingardium Leviosa! And Christmas! All on one night! The only thing more wonderful that I can think of would be if an owl flew in my window right now and delivered my acceptance letter to Hogwarts.

Oh boy, I really hope that bartender will mix me a butterbeer!

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  1. So I randomly came across this post from a google search about the Yule Ball at Whimsic Alley. I was wondering if you ended up going to the 2011 ball as well and if you had a good time. I can’t find much info about the event except when it is and that it has an open bar (which is awesome). Is it adults only or are there a lot of young kids? Thinking about buying a ticket for the 2012 ball…

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