OK, I was sitting here at the dining room table working, glanced outside, and saw the following:

bum's bum


Then he got up and picked up some trash in his area. “Well, at least he’s cleaning up,” I thought. “That’s something.”

No. he threw the trash on the street. Isn’t it cool how he doesn’t want trash, his own trash, in his little area, but he’ll put it out for the rest of us to enjoy?

Street, trash can -- so hard to tell those pesky things apart.

I’ve had enough. What do I do???

Do I shout out the window at him? Leave him a note of warning? Do I call someone? Who do I call? Opinions, please. I’m done getting bummed.

2 Responses to BUMMED 2.0

  1. Keith D says:

    The juvenile inside me immediately thought “stink bombs”. Don’t know if he would notice though.

  2. marcyminton says:

    Hahaha, probably not. Good instinct, though. :)

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