A Workday Conversation

The following workday conversation is regarding a local news article about a homeless man who built a guillotine in the woods and accidentally cut off his own arm. (as you do.)

Lindsay: http://www.ktla.com/news/landing/ktla-homemade-guillotine-accident,0,3086419.story

Marcy: UM, WHY had he built a guillotine? Was that question never raised?

Lindsay: nobody seems even a little worried abotu that fact that this bum has a GUILLOTINE IN THE WOODS
Lindsay: I KNOW

Marcy: And how did he *accidentally* put his arm between the blades? I’m sorry. You build a guillotene and you cut off your own arm. You are an idiot.
Marcy: Yah, WTF??? Whose arm (or head) did he INTEND to cut off???

Lindsay: exactly

Marcy: Well, the good news is, it will now be 50% more difficult for him to murder someone.

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