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The BaddMinton Book Club’s Self Help Spring — “All Your Worth”

May 25, 2016

I love to read AND LEARN, and since I commute for about two hours each day, I’ve been burning through the audiobooks. This spring, it’s been primarily books that focus on self help and spirituality — well, let’s face it: that’s most of what I read year round. I just love to GROW, DAMMIT, GROW!

The other thing I like is sharing what I’ve learned. This world needs to grow along with me, so I’m always encouraging my friends to jump on board.

So, I’m starting The BaddMinton Book Club, in which I, BaddMinton, and you, the internet, are in a book club. I choose the books and write about them, and you can read my posts, read the books, and comment to your heart’s delight. Really, it’s just a forum for me to get to share the books I like with very little time commitment.

The best thing about a blog book club is that meeting times are when-the-hell-ever! So, let’s get started!

All Your Worth — by Elizabeth Warren and Amelia Warren Tyagi

Is there anything Elizabeth Warren isn’t an expert in? This woman is my hero. I’m currently listening to her and her daughter’s book about personal finance, and I’m legitimately pumped about creating a budget and getting my finances in better order. Seriously. She and Amelia make it so simple, and I’m all, “Woohoo! I can save, build wealth, and have money for fun, all while paying outrageous LA rent! BRING IT!!!”

There is so much amazing practical advice in this book: For example, there’s a section where they list all the types of insurance you don’t need and should drop immediately and a part where they tell you which parts of a mortgage loan offer should make you run for the hills. And I am not a math person, and I understand it all. And, in true Warren style, they don’t shy away from the truth, even when it’s ugly: If you’re black, Latino, old, or very young, you have to be even more careful when applying for a mortgage, because lenders systematically add extra charges to those groups, thinking they’ll be more likely to get away with it. Dirty, and true.

Furthermore, some of their advice, though strictly financial, I can feel seeping into other areas of my life. Like, don’t sell yourself short and assume you can’t do it. If you can do x, y, and z, you can understand your finances. And I’m thinking to myself, “Yeah, Marcy, you do so much, who says you can’t also do these other things you’re convinced are too hard for you?” It’s like, a message I’ve been getting everywhere. ENOUGH negative self talk. ENOUGH “It’s too hard, I can’t do it.” ENOUGH. Yes, you can. You can, Marcy, and you can, too, Internet. LIFE ADVICE, Y’ALL. IT CARRIES OVER.

One of my favorite things about living in the modern age is that we can spread knowledge so easily. I’m grateful for all of the books I’ve been reading and listening to this spring, because they’re making my life easier and more joyful. This book is very different from the ones about spirituality and creativity that I’ve been reading (stay tuned for posts on those!), but it slides perfectly into the virtual BaddMinton bookshelf of figuring it all out, one giant* step at a time.

*I’m in my 30s — I don’t have time for baby steps.

Have you read All Your Worth? Has it helped you get your shit together?