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A Phone Call From the Future

February 24, 2008

Y’all, this is so trippy. I’m pretty sure my future self accidentally called my present self from a plane at LAX. I got this voicemail — the kind where someone’s phone accidentally dials you so there’s just muffled talking for a minute or two, and I swear to you I hear myself talking to someone… but it couldn’t be present or recent past-self me, because they’re (I’m) clearly in an airplane, and I hear the person (MYSELF) say something about LAX, and I haven’t flown since December. It’s so so trippy, you guys. I figure it must be someone I know if their phone accidentally called me, but my only friend who’s flown recently is my roommate, who sounds nothing like me, and plus I don’t recognize the number. This girl (ME) has my exact voice and a slight, subtle North Carolina accent, JUST LIKE ME. Obviously there are only two logical conclusions here:

1. I called myself from the future.

2. I called myself from an alternate universe in which I am a fabulous jetsetter.

If only I had picked up that call and could have gotten my attention! I would have asked myself so many questions about the future (provided conclusion 1 is the one we’re going with). For example, I could have asked myself if I’ve met the man of my dreams, if I’ve achieved a fulfilling career, and most importantly if I’ve managed to get rid of the adult acne on my forehead.

Anyway, guys, this one has me stumped. The only thing we really know for sure is that phones in the future are freaking awesome. I mean, the iPhone has a lot of functions, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t dial back in time.