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Those Wise Stars

July 8, 2009

I just had to check my horoscope for fun to see what it would say, because the last few weeks, and especially the last couple days, have been bat-shit crazy. I feel like it’s time for me to clean out my life like an attic, and time to stand up for myself and assert my rights, which is something I’ve tended to struggle with. People are coming at me like rabid bats in a dark cave (I’m going to try to use only analogies that include bats), and it’s wigging me out and making me think really hard about who I am and how people see me. Right now I’m done being the nice one, and I’m especially tired of keeping my thoughts to myself in order to appease others or keep from making waves.

So anyway, I read my horoscope, and it made me laugh like a bat who’s just read her horoscope and found it very apropos: Here’s what it said:

The world is mad at Pisces today because you will no longer play their game. There will be those that try everything to turn you around. They all have their own reasons that they claim are for your best interests. Your path is in the stars not in the starry eyes of those that wish to control you.

Enough said.