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My election guide for today!

November 2, 2010

Hey Fellow Citizens!

Today is hugely important for us as a state and a nation, so please get out there and vote! If you’re unsure about some of the candidates or propositions, here is who/what I’m voting for.

So you know if you want to listen to me or not, here’s where I stand: (Skip the next 2 paragraphs if you already trust me or just want to see the issues, already.) Issues that are important to me are the environment, insurance reform, education, and public transportation. I’m also concerned about overspending/mis-spending and government corruption. I dislike that big business is making decisions that affect us every day and hate the fact that California is in such a huge defecit. I’m registered non-partisan, because I like to vote for whomever or whatever I think will serve us best, regardless of party. That said, I almost always favor liberal and progressive candidates.

Much of my information comes from my boyfriend David, who has worked in politics for 8 years and keeps very good track of what’s going on. He’s met some of these candidates and/or has heard them speak in person, and he knows in-depth about their records and positions. David is passionate about many of the things I am, such as insurance reform and the environment. That, along with his super-hot muscles, is one of the reasons we get along so well.

So here are my picks:

Ballot measures:

19 — YES. I like this because I don’t think marijuana really hurts anyone, especially compared to alcohol. Also, I think taxing it will make good money for the state.

20 — YES. Props 20 and 27 do opposite things, and I’m voting YES on 20 and NO on 27. Basically, every so often, districs get redrawn. When politicians are in charge of this, they can draw a crazy puzzle piece around their supporters, pretty much guaranteeing that they get to stay in office, regardless of what they’re doing there. Several years ago, more power for re-drawing was given to an independent districting committee. Prop 20 gives more power to the independent committee, while Prop 27 gives more power to politicians. Democrats say to vote yes on 27 because they’re currently the party in power in CA, so this helps them temporarily. However, it’s more democratic in my opinion to have this done by an independent party and keeps things more fair.

21 — YES. I thought about this a lot, because parks are important, but on the flip side, times are tough, and car registration fees are already expensive. However, I did decide to vote yes, because parks have been losing so much money lately. I wish they could get money in a better way, but the bottom line is, that’s probably not going to happen any time soon, and parks are in big trouble. They are closing and closed, and they need money very, very badly. And parks are very important long term. Our land is precious, and once it’s gone, it’s gone. So I’m voting YES.

22 — No? The pros and cons on this are utterly confusing. Only groups we could find that have an opinion on this were CA nurses and the democratic party, both of whom say no. I think I’m going to vote no simply because we shouldn’t pass something that nobody seems to understand. Make it more clear and bring it up again in the next election.

23 — NO, NO, BIG FAT NO!!! This is a measure introduced by TEXAS oil companies who give neither a wet rat’s ass nor a wooden nickel about California. This will increase air pollution and DESTROY the environment, and I might personally punch you if you vote yes on this. VOTE NO!

24 — YES. There’s a lot of sneaky, false info. floating around about how this will hurt small business, but this is false. CA’s business tax rate is actually pretty good — it falls in about the middle, country wide. This measure will put the tax rate back to what it was BEFORE a few years ago, when in order to pass a budget, democrats were forced to cut a deal with big business. These tax breaks were bad for the environment and good for large corporations and insurance companies. Voting yes will return their tax rate back to normal.

25 — YES. CA is one of only 3 states that require a 2/3 majority to agree to pass a budget, and it makes things way more difficult. Some important changes need to be made to our budget, and this will make it easier to get those things done.

26 — Big, fat NO!!!

27 — NO — See prop 20’s explanation above.


Attourney General: Kamala Harris — She’d be the first woman, first minority and first gay/lesbian attourney general. She’s currently the San Fran DA and is incredibly intelligent, passionate, progressive, etc. Her parents were active in the Civil Rights movement, and she’s passionate about justice.

Insurance commissioner: Dave Jones is awesome. He’s been in the state assembly for the past 6-8 years. He’s liberal and progressive and has introdued strong bills on the environment and health care. One of his bills, which didn’t pass a couple years ago, would have given California residents protection from being denied by insurance companies based on pre-existing conditions. He also went after insurers for dropping people who got sick by finding small mistakes they’d made in their applications. Basically, this guy is rad, so let’s vote for him. Oh, and his opponent has taken lots of money from insurance companies, so is basically in their pocket. Booo.

State Controller — John Chiang

Sec. of state — Debra Bowen

Superintendent of public instruction — Tom Torlakson is progressive, has been in state legislature, and was a teacher for years

Governer — Jerry Brown, basically because Meg Whitman will destroy the environment and side with big business on everything, including things that will directly hurt you and me, unless you are the CEO of a huge corporation, in which case, I doubt you’re reading my blog.

Lt. Governor — Gavin Newsome – mayor of San Fran. He’s very progressive — has balanced the budget in San Fran even when most cities have been in the red — has established a city-wide health insurance program for San francisconans — very smart — has helped the environment — we like him.

US Senate — Barbara Boxer, because Carly Fiorina is horrific (See Meg Whitman)

OK, that’s my two cents! Go vote if you haven’t yet. Yay, democracy!