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April 18, 2011

So I guess the world is going to end next year, right? Isn’t that what they’re saying? My friend Jeremy and I were talking this weekend about it, and we figure the Mayans just got sick of writing, and that’s why their calendar ended in 2012. I mean, it has to end somewhere, right? Those Mayans had been working their asses off all day writing this calendar, and at some point, what I’m thinking is that one of them finally said, “OK, guys, let’s wrap it up for today. Happy hour at the pyramid next door starts at 4, and I still need to pick a few ears of maize before it gets too dark. We’ll pick up where we left off tomorrow.”

Then, when tomorrow came, there was something else more pressing on the agenda, like creating the first known written language, for example, and the calendar got pushed to the back burner.

But what if the world, totally coincidentally, does end next year? Holy accurate predictions, Batman! I guess, just in case, we should all try to have the best year ever.